velvet brown sofa

GAUDI Sofa 24 ct gold-plated feet

AU$8,000.00 Regular Price
AU$2,150.00Sale Price

SIGNATURE Sofa GAUDI Collection. Immaculate German quality. Hand crafted sofa. Highly durable upholstery, 100% viscose velvet, over 35,000 abrasion resistance velvet (velvet can be washed with soapy water). 24ct gold-plated feet.


GAUDI is the most famous BRETZ sofa of the current collection – and not only on television! Its baroque curves express a playful sense of taste and sincere vitality. GAUDI is also a representation of great craftsmanship – decorative rivets are skillfully applied one by one.


Width: 213 cm

Depth: 85 cm

Height: 98 cm

Seat height: 43 cm

Seat depth: 53 cm