GAUDI Sofa 24 ct gold-plated feet

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SIGNATURE Sofa GAUDI Collection. Immaculate German quality. Hand crafted sofa. Highly durable upholstery, 100% viscose velvet, over 35,000 abrasion resistance velvet (velvet can be washed with soapy water). 24ct gold-plated feet.


GAUDI is the most famous BRETZ sofa of the current collection – and not only on television! Its baroque curves express a playful sense of taste and sincere vitality. GAUDI is also a representation of great craftsmanship – decorative rivets are skillfully applied one by one.


Width: 213 cm

Depth: 85 cm

Height: 98 cm

Seat height: 43 cm

Seat depth:53 cm

  • Details

    699041 Crème heavy-weight soft cattle hide leather, expressive grain structure

    Sound wooden structure. Complex metal spring suspension with horizontal “Nosag” + vertical “Bonnell” spring system, high quality foam shapes, soft polyester fleece. Please read more about features of BRETZ Sleeping System below.

    - Made in Germany -



Are you bored of cubic, stripped-down design and clean minimalist look? Are you craving creativity and originality? Well, with Bretz passion and imagination enters every room. No obliging monotony, no “austere functionality”. Our sofas and beds are so much more than just a place to sit and sleep. They are cherished havens inviting you to indulge in total relaxation. They are small oases of self-actualisation in the never-ending hustle and bustle of daily life.


Let go, lay back, arrive, sit and be still, be inspired, beam with joy...


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